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Onewheel GT Lowboy Footpads Review

Is this how the GT should have always been?

Jan 28, 2024


Back in November, I picked up the Future Motion Lowboy Footpads. Are they really worth it, even at a whopping $175? Let's dig in and find out!


Underfoot, the Lowboys have a nice concave with great flaring pockets towards the nose/tail that give you a locked-in feel. Once you get moving, the stability improvements are immediately noticeable – that 5mm of drop, being about half of what you get from WTF rails, does more than I expected. I had the opportunity to test several GTs in different configurations side by side, and I was surprised to find that having the Lowboys felt nearly as much of a stability improvement as having WTF rails!

That said, a setup with both WTF rails and Lowboys really unlocks the GT. As a Growler rider, I really prioritize low center of gravity on my boards, and the combination of these footpads and rails makes the GT genuinely enjoyable to ride. If you like the feeling of riding low, these are a must have!

Additionally, the Lowboys are more comfortable than the stock concave GT footpads. Foot fatigue is definitely reduced on longer rides, though not as much as you'll get by switching to urethane footpads or foam grip. The edges of the footpad are also not as sharp as the stock concave GT ones, so if you're a rider with a larger shoe size and the sharp edge of the concave bothers you, the Lowboys are something you should consider.

Necessary Modifications

On every single Future Motion sensor I've used, I have needed to remove the top layer of plastic on the board to get consistent engagement. (I strongly believe this was a safety issue on the Pint X!) At first I hoped this might finally be an optional step with the Lowboy Footpads, but it very quickly became clear that in order to prevent annoying false-starts that top layer of plastic had to come off. Once removed, the sensor is extremely reliable and I have not experienced any issues with ghosting yet. I will update this review in the future if that becomes the case, but personally I doubt it will.

If you have a history of removing that layer of plastic on your previous Onewheels, go ahead and order a spare set of grip tape so you won't have any interruptions to your shredding.

Who are these footpads for?

If you want to upgrade your GT footpads to regain some stability, this is surprisingly a pretty cost effective way to do it. Your alternatives are to buy an aftermarket back footpad (which usually runs ~$100) and deal with the elevation offset of the front footpad, or to also buy an aftermarket footpad for the front along with a custom sensor to wire up. (Note: aftermarket footpads are generally heavier than stock ones due to the denser urethane material.) Two custom urethane footpads is the most expensive, but probably ideal path if you absolutely need the most luxurious, symmetrical ride. However, coming in at less than the cost of two aftermarket footpads (not to mention a custom sensor), the Lowboys will give you the vast majority of that riding benefit.

Overall, I highly recommend these footpads for virtually every rider. The added stability will benefit everyone with a GT, and if you already have and love WTF rails then I'm pretty sure you'll be stoked about these footpads as well. The Lowboy design is how GT footpads should have always been from day one. I would be surprised if anyone ended up with buyers regret with the Lowboys.

Lowboys on the GT at a waterfront sunset.

If you have any questions or comments, reach out to me on Mastodon or by email. Thanks for reading!